International Tree Ring Conference «RusDendro-2020»

Abakan, Russia,
7-13 September 2020
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 « October 2019 » 
7—13 September 2020
Important Dates
from 1 Nov 2019 till 22 Mar 2020
Abstract submission
from 1 Nov 2019 till 22 Mar 2020
Arrival and departure
from 6 Sep 2020 till 13 Sep 2020
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The aim of the conference is to present the results of research in the field of dendrochronology and to promote cooperation between specialists from Russia and neighboring countries in this field of knowledge.
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Program committee

Eugene A. 
Academician RAS, Doct. Biol. Sci., Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk
Rashit M. 
Doct. Biol. Sci., Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, UB RAS, Ekaterinburg
Olga N.
Corr. member RAS, Doct. Geo. Sci., Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow
Stepan G.
Prof., Doct. Biol. Sci., Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, UB RAS, Ekaterinburg
Viktor I.
Doct. Biol. Sci., Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry SB RAS, Irkutsk
Vladimir V.   
Doct. Techn. Sci., Prof., Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk
Ph.D. in Biology, Senior Researcher, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk
Leonid I.
Doct. Biol. Sci., Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, UB RAS, Ekaterinburg  

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Organizing committee

  • Babushkina Elena A. (chairman)
  • Zhirnova Dina F. (secretary)
  • Belokopytova Liliana V.
  • Shishov Vladimir V.
  • Hantemirov Rashit M.
  • Tychkov Ivan I.
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    Scientific directions

    1. Dendroclimatology
    2. Dendroecology
    3. Dendroarcheology
    4. Tree-Ring Anatomy and Seasonal Kinetics
    5. New Approaches and Methods in Dendrochronology
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    Conference will be held in Khakass Technical Institute of Siberian Federal University (Russia, Khakassia, Abakan city). After the end of the conference, free excursions will be offered to the National Park Shushensky Bor in the area of Borus Ridge and the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Station.
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    Specialists in various fields of ecology, geography, archeology, etc., using tree-ring chronologies in their work, as well as scientists in areas complementary for the development of dendrochronology (anatomists and physiologists of wood, specialists in the time series analysis, etc.).

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    Working language

    Russian. The simultaneous English translation will be provided for foreign participants.
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    Conference structure

    The conference will consist of oral and poster presentations.
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    The best conference reports are planned to be published after its completion in a special issue of the Journal of the Siberian Federal University. The estimated deadline for manuscript submission is November 27, 2020. Proceedings will not be published!
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    Additional information

    Due to the need to prepare project application for funding of the conference organization, please send a participant’s application indicating the title of the report and its brief abstract by March 22, 2020.
    Information on the registration fee and accommodation for participants will be presented in the following information letters.
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    Registration of participants and reports will be open on this website from November 2019. For those who were previously registered at the RusDendro-2011, RusDendro-2014, or RusDendro-2017, to register you only need to enter the conference page under the User ID and password that was used for the previous conference. If you forgot your User ID or password, click on the “Forgot Password or User ID” button and enter your email address.

    Registration of participants occurs separately from registration of reports. First, you need to register as a participant using the link “Registration of the conference participant” on the left. Fill out the form that appears. Fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory. After filling the form, click the button "Register”. In the future, you can edit your data using the username and password you entered. If you intend to submit a report with co-authors, please wait until they are all registered. 

    To register a report, click on the link “My reports” in the left column (if you register the report later, you will first need to log into the site as a participant by entering your username and password in the left column). In the form that appears, enter the title of the report, its brief abstract and type of report (oral / poster). Then click the button “Remember”. After that, you can enter information about the co-authors of the report. The names of the co-authors must be entered in the order in which they should be in the conference program. The maximum length of abstract is 500 characters. It will be visible to all visitors to the website. Registration ends on March 22, 2020.

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    Babushkina Elena A.

    Zhirnova Dina F.

    Belokopytova Liliana V.


    27, Shchetinkina st., Abakan, Khakassia, 655017, Khakass Technical Institute (building "A"), room 103, Organizing Committee of the RusDendro-2020 Conference

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